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Specialty Garage Doors Guide

specialty Garage doors

Photo credit: Pacific Home Builders, Bend Oregon

Beautifully Crafted and Durable Doors that Complement your Home’s Design…  Did you know you that some modern designs call for specialty garage doors used as walls? Specialty garage doors aren’t just made for protecting your car anymore. In many communities, interior designers and contractors are now using garage doors in houses and businesses in very cool ways. If you want to enhance your home or business and add some unique functionality, these suggestions are worth considering.

Garage Door Design Ideas

A garage door can be considered a panel- a movable one at that. Panels can be moved or adapted in ways a permanent static wall can’t. Use a specific door design to update your home in a very practical and strategic manner. For example, you could use a glass door to:

Reduce noise. You might think that glass might transmit a lot of noise, like a window. By installing an insulated glass garage door in a living space, you’ll get to see everything that’s happening on your property from indoors without hearing anything going on outside. An insulated glass garage door blocks sounds efficiently with multiple panes.

Lighten a space. If a space in your home doesn’t get a lot of natural light, a glass garage door can help flood it with an outdoor ambiance.  The large size of a garage door can do better structurally than a window of the same dimensions- and a window the size of a garage door would most likely be WAY more expensive. And not retractable!

Enhance ventilation: When the weather changes, you’ll notice! Why not open that huge window/wall in your living room when it’s perfect weather outside? It really does feel like being outside when a garage wall is opened and you stay in touch with your backyard or busy street.

Specialty Garage Doors Used in Homes

Garage door walls can provide a variety of benefits for all kinds of settings. If you want to wow guests, you can achieve great results by employing some innovative garage door designs. Whether or not you like to entertain, there are many justifications for using a garage door inside.

Your open garage door window can give you and your guests practical passage between inside and out. During parties, a kitchen gets a lot of foot traffic. It’s especially helpful when there are kids running around- plenty of room for in and out traffic.

Fun pool entrance: Pool toys are usually large and bulky, so the process of transporting these fully inflated products outdoors from a home isn’t always simple. By installing a wide garage door near your pool, kids can carry rafts, tubes, and other big pool accessories outdoor with ease. It also allows for a complete connection with what’s going on in the pool area when the door is open.

If it’s and industrial modern look you’re going for, with it’s exposed brick, ductwork, electrical and plumbing, a garage door can’t be beat for the style. A powder coating finish on a space separator in a loft or office space can immediately open up two small rooms into one big one.

Don’t’ forget that you can get a garage door that lets in plenty of light but is partially frosted for privacy. There are also custom blinds that will work with large doors that keep your inside private. Styles can vary in terms of the type of door you install as well. How about a carriage door style or bifold that opens and closes like a french door?

specialty garage doorsGarage Doors in Restaurants

You’ve seen them along busy city streets- the bistro with the open garage door that allows you to walk right in and sit down as a table. The aromas of the cooking waft out to pull in hungry customers and they don’t feel as if they disappear into a dark hall to dine. Today’s restaurants can use standard garage doors in place of glass storefronts or for an upscale vibe, install a set of custom-built retractable doors that can stay open for afternoon sun.

Lighting: An typical restaurant in a city is surrounded by other tall, light-blocking buildings. Depending on the sun angles and the orientation of the street, a restaurant may or may not get a lot of natural light through static windows. Garage door designs with windows allow light and air inside a restaurant, but can be closed for a more cozy feel when the weather is colder.

Curb appeal: After a restaurant is updated with glass garage doors, the property gains instant curb appeal. A glass garage door stands out for a lot of reasons, with big advantages in connecting your interior space with foot traffic, and creates a memorable impression on diners.

And restaurant garage door cost isn’t as much as you might think, and it just may pay for itself with the additional foot traffic an eatery can get just by raising the door and letting a bit of the outside in!

Along with these trends, garage doors have evolved to employ suspension and articulation that won’t disrupt the atmosphere of a home or business. Inventive ways of folding, stacking or rolling these doors are appearing all the time, so stay current with the latest developments.

Glass garage door used a wall of windows… It’s a great idea and we’d love to discuss the possibilities with you- contact our friendly staff today!