Thursday is Thanksgiving! And Christmas is closer than you think! The holidays are quickly creeping up and we would like to help you conquer 5 projects before Christmas! Our top 5 projects are: Cleaning out your clutter, donating to the needy, rearranging the home, making your shopping lists, and planning the perfect holiday party.

One of the most important projects is to clear any clutter. This means not only to clean the inside the house but outside as well, so clean your garage doors in Dunwoody GA! The garage doors are occupying a big part of your house façade. Having them clean and neat will add more appeal to the home exterior. If your garage doors in Dunwoody GA are old and need a makeover but money is tight, consider painting them. A new coat of paint can change the entire look, refresh the color, and even match the home style better. Well, your experts for garage doors Dunwoody GA already wrote about how to paint your garage doors. Check out this article for help and tips. Once the garage doors are clean and neat, you can add magnets or decorations in the spirit of Christmas. We all like to decorate for the holidays and that means adding more decorations inside and outside the home. This is a perfect opportunity to do some cleaning and get rid of all the unwanted treasures you have accumulated through the years and only keep the ones you like. You might find cool stuff you forgot you had!

While you are in your basement looking through boxes of broken Christmas ornaments or never ending pile of broken Christmas lights you notice every time you open your garage doors Dunwoody GA, take a look around and do a mental inventory of what you haven’t used in a long time and come up with some items that you wouldn’t mind donating to a family in need. Not only does this help you clean out your work space, it provides a less fortunate family with items they normally may not have been able to purchase.

Now that you have begun to remove the unnecessary clutter from your home you have the opportunity to rearrange some items and give your living space a makeover. You would be surprised at what a little bit of rearranging of a living room can do for the overall appearance of your home.

Now that your home is clean and decorated and you even found time to wash and maybe paint your garage doors Dunwoody GA, you can start coming up with your holiday shopping list. Think of everyone that you need to buy for be it family members, children’s teachers, your mail carrier, or even the trash collector. I find it easier to rank the list in order of how much you plan on spending and check off each name as you purchase your gifts. With that being said, you do not need to spend money to show you care during the holiday season. Sometimes just a card letting someone know you are thinking of them can be just enough for someone to let them know how you feel. Or a chocolate! Chocolate always makes things better.

Ready to plan your Christmas party? First make a general head count of those you plan to invite. Next determine what type of party you plan to host. Are you the type of person who likes to gather all your family and friends together and share your newest recipes? How about the type of host that likes to create exciting cocktails and let your guests munch on exquisite appetizers? Maybe you prefer hosting a pot luck where your guests all bring a dish to pass. Don’t worry there is no perfect way to host a party. As long as you prepare ahead of time and remember to just relax, everything should fall into place.

Please comment below your ideas for project to be done before Christmas, decorations, or party ideas!

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