What is winterize?

Preparing your home for the cold weather helps to protect it from potential harm and damage from the abusive cold weather that winter brings. Winterizing your home is a wonderful way to reduce heating costs and prevent damage from frozen pipes and other obstacles winter brings. Take these few simple steps to winterize your home and protect it this winter.

1. Pipes

The first step in winterizing your home is protecting your pipes. Protecting your pipes is important to avoid them freezing. Avoid freezing pipes by turning off the water at the source of the water supply if you plan to vacate the home. Also, drain the toilets, and the water heater. If you plan to be gone from the home for an extended period of time drain the water from dishwashers and fill it with antifreeze. Winterize the washer and dryer in the home by following the manufacturer’s directions. Before leaving the home set the thermostat at a comfortable temperature to prevent freezing. Unplug all appliances and shut off the main breaker before leaving the home.

2. Thermostat

If you are planning to reside or use the home periodically throughout the winter, then set the thermostat to a comfortable degree to prevent freezing. Freezing air creates a dry environment for furniture. For those who will still be residing in their homes: set the thermostat to a comfortable temper and resist the urge to change it. Maintain the thermostat on the same temperature both day and night. Use the ceiling fans in the home. Use the ceiling fans set in reverse mode to help push warm air down.

3. Inspection

A few things to be winterized in your home will need to be scheduled with a professional to prepare. Have the chimney, furnace, and heating ducts inspected and cleaned as necessary. Insulate pipes and faucets and replace screen windows for storm windows. Some of these tasks will get the handy man pumped for a new project around the house. Others may want to inquire the services of a professional accordingly.

4. Garage

While winterizing other areas in your home don’t forget about the garage. This area often has the biggest potential for air leaks and is often neglected. The garage area needs maintenance, also. You might need to solicit the help for professional garage door repair Kennesaw GA. When inspecting the garage door check for gaps around the door, especially around the bottom. Our garage door repair Kennesaw GA based experts can check for this also. Also remove debris from around the garage door area. Cover exposed pipes in the garage with insulation to prevent the pipes from freezing. For help with garage door repair in Kennesaw GA, call All 4 Seasons Garage Doors at (678) 981-8454. We are available 24/7!

There are many benefits to winterizing your home. It protects it from the harmful abuses from the winter cold condition. Winterizing your home also helps to reduce your energy bills. Properly maintaining the pipes, faucets, and other appliances will also help to reduce your energy bill. Also, follow up with a professional garage door repair Kennesaw GA company for garage door repairs. Following the steps outlined here will help to save your home and its plumbing during the cold winter months.

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