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Garage Door Repair Vinings GAGarage door repairs may not be as common as car repairs, but as with any other mechanical part they might also fail if they are not maintained in a proper way. Even though most of the high quality garage doors are dependable when it comes to functionality, and may rarely break down, varied weather conditions can hamper their ability to function in a proper way.

Wooden garage doors are popular and look great for all styles of homes, but may contract or expand with time, and are not as durable. They might also warp and not fit on the tracks as well. Therefore, you might have to spend more on their repairs. Steel doors are not as attractive, but they are durable and heavily insulated. However, their increased weight may put more strain on the motor and if they are dented, it’s very difficult to get it out.

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From the first meeting with the sales rep to the completion of the installation, this was the best service I have ever had on a home improvement project. The doors are beautiful and the quality is outstanding!

Davia G. July 25, 2016

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I've used these people for years.  They came out yesterday after I noticed some unusual sounds coming from the garage door opener.  They fixed what needed to be fixed at a very reasonable cost.  The tech was outstanding and unlike so many service company reps, he didn't find the need to go on a 'service

T R. Yelp Review February 22, 2017

5 Common Problems for Garage Door Repair Vinings GA

Let’s take a closer look at 5 common garage door repairs faced by most homeowners. It’s best to hire a certified technician to work on the garage door for all complex issues.

  1. Repairing track damage-If your garage door jolts and jumps during its motion, there could be some problem with its metal tracks. Its metal track should be checked from both the sides for any signs of wearing or damage. Technicians from All Four Seasons Garage Door repair in Vinings GA will repair and straighten out the metal track for its smooth operation.
  2. Aligning metal tracks-If there are no dents in the metal tracks, there are still chances that they may not be aligned properly, which may cause the door to go off track. Proper alignment of the metal tracks are important for the garage door to function in a proper way. Garage door technician will inspect the track carefully to ensure that they are aligned in a proper way and will also loosen its bolts to gently tap them back into position.
  3. Garage opener malfunctions-The mechanical operation of the garage door is controlled by the door opener. If it is not turning on, you must check to ensure that it is getting sufficient power. These days, many garage door openers come with a backup supply. You should call a technician to check the problem. Technician will also check the metal tracks and will repair them if needed. If this doesn’t solve the problem then the door might be internally damaged and would need to be replaced by the our garage door repair Vinings GA team.
  4. Eliminating the squeaky sound-Aside from the usual clattering of the garage door, if there is any other audible sign, it should be immediately addressed. The common squeaky sound in a garage door when it opens or closes is due to the lack of lubrication. Technicians will apply proper lubricant on the metal track and the wheels. Once the garage door has been operated a few times, the lubrication will spread out nicely across the entire track.
  5. Remote door opener malfunctions-This is the simplest garage door repair Vinings GA as you just have to replace the batteries. However, if the problem still persists, you should take it to All Four Seasons Garage Doors for repairs, or buy a new one.

Additional Features and Services

Just like any other aspect of the home, upgrades are common with the garage doors. You can choose automatic sensors, openers that will sense your car is coming, or you can get numerous security measures installed that will close your door on its own if you forget to close it while leaving your house. Other options might include making your garage door quieter when closing or opening, and you can also have your doors insulated to help your garage hold heat better.

Services and repairs are not expensive if you hire professionals from a reputable company. Feel free to call All Four Seasons Garage Doors for a free garage door repair estimate, or to find out options on upgrades and for emergency repairs on your garage door. We offer round the clock service and dispatch their service technicians in the different zones to better serve our customers in a timely fashion. Most of our technicians have years of hands on experience in this field, and have developed our own techniques to ensure best results.

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