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Garage Door Repair Dunwoody GAAll Four Seasons Garage Doors is a company that does garage door repair in Dunwoody GA and the surrounding Atlanta Metro area. We repair residential and commercial garage doors. Our company has a special number of people that you can call 24/7 for emergency garage door repairs. Repairmen will arrive swiftly, look at the door, and give an estimate for free. We can then repair the door. All Four Seasons can replace broken electronic sensors and broken door parts, also.

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Anthony came out to my house this morning right on time! He also called me 10 minutes before his arrival which was super nice. He had my garage door fixed in 20 minutes and he explained everything that he did. He lubricated it too and now it's fixed and it runs so smoothly. When he

Shannon E. Facebook Review July 18, 2018

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Inexpensive & Efficient repair of garage door. Called All Four Seasons Garage Doors at 8am and they had someone out to the house to repair my garage door in about an hour. I will use them again for sure.

Beth L. July 25, 2016

DIY or Call a Professional?

When dealing with garage door repairs, it is best to call a professional. Some of the parts can be dangerous for a non-professional to repair. Other parts come in sizes that are very specific for different doors. Someone who is unaware of this could buy the wrong part and cause even more damage when trying to repair the garage door. Calling a professional will also be far less stressful for a homeowner. It will allow homeowners to successfully solve a problem without worrying about being injured or purchasing parts.

Torsion springs are used in some garage doors. These springs are tightly wound. If they are detached incorrectly, they can swing out unexpectedly and injure people standing nearby. Trying to replace a torsion spring alone could require a person lifting the garage door. Attempting to lift a heavy door alone could injure someone. Homeowners who prefer to do repairs themselves might have a hard time buying a torsion spring. Some companies will not sell torsion springs to individuals who are not professionals. Companies have instituted this rule to prevent lawsuits and to try to keep inexperienced people from being injured. Finally, replacing a torsion spring would take an inexperienced person a long time. The best thing to do when facing this problem is to call a professional. All Four Seasons Garage Doors knows how to remove springs safely, can purchase new parts without difficulty, and will finish the job rapidly.

Some garage doors have extension springs which help the garage door close. These springs are made for specific door sizes. An extension spring meant for a seven foot door might be able to be stretched to fit an eight foot door. However, this would affect how well the spring functions and it could cause it to break down quicker. These springs are also made to be able to lift specific weights. An inexperienced homeowner who does not know these things could buy a spring that is not suitable for his/her garage door. Placing the wrong spring on the door could cause more damage to the door. When purchasing springs, a buyer must consider the quality of the steel used in its manufacture. Steel springs made in other countries might not contain good quality steel and they might be brittle. Contacting a repair company will allow a homeowner to avoid all of these potential pitfalls.

There are many other parts on garage doors that could be damaged that might not be easily noticeable for a non-professional. Electronic garage doors have motors attached to them. A broken motor part would not be visible unless the motor was disassembled. Garage doors operate on tracks that could be slightly damaged. There are also various other small door parts that a non-professional might not be able to find. When dealing with a broken garage door it is best to call a professional repairman. We have the equipment and experience necessary to correctly diagnose the problem and fix it safely.

Your Experts for Garage Door Repair Dunwoody GA

Home and business owners should call All 4 Season Garage Doors for garage door repair in Dunwoody GA. Our company will provide swift, professional workers who can repair the door safely. You can call All Four Seasons at any time for emergency garage door repair in Dunwoody GA.

Garage Door Repair Dunwoody GA

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