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Glass Roll Up Doors for Restaurants and Retail Stores

Glass Roll Up Doors

Restaurant and retail shop owners know that an inviting storefront is all-important to the appeal of your business to potential diners and shoppers. If you’re located in a dense urban environment, you’re looking for an edge that attracts customers and makes a statement about your establishment. In the suburbs, the same holds true – a pleasant experience will result in repeat customers. One way to stand out is to bring your service outside with a roll-up glass door.

Dining al fresco is increasingly popular. “People relax more when dining outside – there’s a freedom that even the most spacious dining rooms can’t achieve,” says Jimmy Schmidt, executive chef of Morgan’s in the Desert at the La Quinta Resort. While he couldn’t comment on food sales trends, there’s definitely more beverage revenue from the restaurant’s outdoor patio area. He attributes that to creating an indoor-outdoor experience that makes dining out the focus of an evening rather than a steppingstone to the real event. People definitely linger in the patio space longer than they would in an enclosed dining room.

This trend is also true for retail environments as well. Stores with an exterior element make customers feel free to browse longer and feel better about being there than in a traditional closed-in space. Sidewalk sales are one way to capitalize on this idea, but the shopping experience at your store could be even more welcoming and effective.

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Glass Roll Up Doors

Glass roll up doors are making inroads into both retail and restaurant sectors for more reasons than simply being able to move the shopping and dining experience outside.

New, striking designs make the latest glass roll up door models attractive on their own. With a myriad of finishes, glass types, colors and configurations, glass roll up doors can be considered an important decorative element. As a “wall of windows” a glass roll up door can let in light and air and when retracted, allow for service to move seamlessly in and out of your building.

Speaking of elements, when the weather is bad, the glass doors can be closed and still let in an appealing amount of natural light. Today’s high-tech glass roll up doors employ a number of insulating and durability features that regulate air leakage, heat or cooling losses to the outside, radiant heat from the sun and visible light admittance. Along with safety features like invisible tempering and hardening against any severe weather, these newer doors can combine the security of a brick-and-mortar wall with the welcoming ambience of glass.

Extend your food service or shopping to the front or back exterior spaces of your building without a costly addition or floor space. Simply raise the glass doors on a nice day and your place is instantly more inviting and pleasant.

Choosing the glass roll up door that’s right for your business

There are many different configurations of custom glass roll up doors, from single panels that raise to create an overhead awning of sorts, to articulated sectional doors that work just like your garage door at home. There are also beautiful “barn door” styles that open a vertical door to the side on a track.

You can also use roll up glass doors as interior dividers that can be raised or lowered in response to your needs. When that private party needs their own space for a celebration, a frosted glass door can set it off without making your interior suddenly look cramped.

Imagine your guests lingering longer, buying more and telling their friends about the wonderful feel of your space for dining or browsing. Add the inviting touch of a roll up glass door to your restaurant or retail business today.

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