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Garage Door Repair: The Warning Signs

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All Four Seasons Garage Door Repair Smyrna GASome people use their garage for the purpose of protecting one of their most important assets while others turn it into a storage room. Whatever you choose to use that room for the door will need to be fully functional. There are several moving parts on your garage door and then there is the size to consider if anything goes wrong with it. Homeowners who follow the recommended maintenance procedures will find that their door will provide them with years of trouble-free service. Eventually, however, a few repairs will need to be made or the equipment may need to be replaced entirely.

Trouble in paradise

One of the worst things you can experience is equipment failure, especially the kind that comes without any warning. The good news is that if you know what to look for you will know how to address the problem. One of the easiest signs to follow that your garage door needs help is an unexplained noise. If the door is in the habit of operating without making a loud noise and suddenly it is waking up the neighbors every time you open or close it there could be a problem. The moving parts may need to be serviced but that is something that a technician will need to evaluate.

When time stands still

Most people have a routine they follow and one of the things that could affect that routine is the length of time it takes for the garage door to open or close as they leave for work. When the door takes longer to carry out its duties and there is no visible sign of an obstruction there could be a problem. You can usually tell that your door needs attention by the length of time it takes to get started. A rough start or finish could also be a warning sign that you need to have the garage door serviced.

What’s that sound?

Sounds are like symptoms to the garage door technician and they can usually diagnose what the problem is by the noise it makes. One noise that should be of a particular concern is a scraping noise. More often than not this will indicate an obstruction or a door that is not settled on the track. If this problem is allowed to fester for too long it could translate into more serious damages. One of the consequences of delaying the correction of this problem is your door jumping off the tracks and rendering the door unusable.

No Garage Door repair job is complete…

Garage Door Repair Your garage door is supposed to open and hold when it reaches the top. It is also supposed to make its way to the floor without stopping unless there is something in the way. The door uses an eye as a sensor to help it determine if it is safe to complete the task. It is important that this sensor is working correctly otherwise family members or their pets could be fatally injured. A damaged sensor or one that is out of alignment could also affect the way your garage door operates and will need to be repaired or replaced.

The simple things

Most modern garage doors require a remote control to carry out the task. In the majority of instances, the device may simply need a battery if it ceases to function. Replacing batteries may seem minor to a garage door that doesn’t sit squarely on the floor when it lands. This could be caused by a seal that needs to be replaced or a door that has been warped due to extreme temperatures. It could also be caused by assembly screws that have managed to shake themselves loose. The solution for most garage door issues is regular maintenance by a qualified technician.

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