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Tips to help prevent garage door break-ins

Protect your home from break insFront and back doors and windows are not the only ways for a burglar to enter into your home. Burglars also target homes through garage doors. Many burglars have admitted to garage doors being easy access into the home of their victims. If you own a home with a garage door then protect your family and valuables with the following tips and recommendations.

Check your door

The door from your garage to your house may be frail and easily able to unlock without a key. Make sure that you do a thorough check to confirm that your door provides an efficient barrier between you and a burglar. Checking your door includes making sure that your locks work as they should and also verifying that the door is study and not easily able to be broken. Many people fail to ensure that their door is able to keep burglars out because they feel that the garage door offers all the protection that they need. If you find that your door is not as sturdy as it should be you have two options to correct this issue. You can get a new door installed or you can install additional protection.

Close your garage door

This is a simple tip but so many homeowners fail to close their garage door a lot of the time. Perhaps they do not want to be inconvenienced with having to open it once they want to use their vehicle to go to the store or another location, or they simply forget. 

Maintain your garage door

Failure to maintain your garage door can cause it to develop corrosion. Corrosion can weaken your garage door giving intruders the green light to break into your home. Also, periodic maintenance of your garage door can help to spot any mechanical weaknesses such as loose screws or even rollers that are prone to becoming off track.Garage Door repair Atlanta GA is simple when you contact All Four Seasons Garage Doors.

Do not leave your garage door opener in the car

This is also a simple tip but because many homeowners fear that they will leave this item behind they opt to just leave it in the car. This can easily be taken by a burglar and utilized once you leave your home. If you fear that you will leave your garage door opener behind then invest in a keychain remote opener.

Take extra precautions when out of town

If you know that you will be out of town for an extended period of timeSecure your garage door then add extra security to your home by padlocking the throw latch on your garage door. The option is available for homeowners that have a manual lock on their garage door. If you have an electric garage door then you can add additional security by using a c-clamp to constrict each side of the door track. Both options cause burglars much difficulty when trying to utilize your garage door to break into your home.

Deadbolt your lock

Burglars know that many homeowners enjoy using their garages because it offers much convenience to their day. Being able to easily enter and exit the home and get directly into the car is a routine that many individuals are accustomed to. When leaving your home or entering into your home make sure to deadbolt the door that leads to your garage. You never know who is watching your home.

Burglars should not have easy access into our homes. Unfortunately, those of us that own houses with garage doors could be giving intruders easy a quick way to break in. Let us stop putting our families and homes in harm’s way by utilizing the tips above.


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