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Home staging is a term that is used when people are trying to boost the marketable appeal of their home. Currently it is hard to sell a home and the market seems is loaded with homes for sale. Having a home that stands out from the rest is one way to help insure that it will be sold sooner than later. There are a few ways to help stage a home inside and out – from your garage doors Atlanta GA experts!

The Yard

The yard and the outside of a home are the first things people see when they arrive. If there are bushes and flowers outside of the home be sure they are weed free and trimmed evenly. Also make sure that the lawn is in good shape and mowed. If there are toys outside, put them someplace where they will not attract the eyes of a potential buyer. If the yard is unkempt the potential buyers will have already formed an opinion of the home before they go inside. You would be surprised at how many people decide to not even contact you to see the inside of your house if they already do not like the home exterior. Your house needs to convey a warm and welcoming feeling to the potential buyers.

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Here’s your yard checklist:

  • Weed the garden
  • Trim bushes and trees
  • Mow the lawn
  • Put away all toys
  • Plant new flowers
  • Use mulch to keep weed from growing

Sheds and Garages

If there are any outside buildings such as storage sheds or garages make sure they are in good shape as well. The homes siding and roof should be in good condition. And this also goes for the garage. Garage doors should be in good shape as well. It seems like in a lot of cases garage doors are damaged, many of them have dent, are not hanging properly, or make awful noises as they open or close. A lot of times the outside work can be done by the home owner, other times it may be necessary to hire a contractor.

If your garage doors are old but do not need to be replaces, paint them! A new coat of paint can make a huge difference and freshen up the whole look of your home. Keep in mind, however, that investing in new garage doors when you want to sell your house is a very smart investment. It is profitable, since you can sell your house for much more than you invested in the garage doors. New doors add a distinct new style and curb appeal to the house and save energy if they are insulated.

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Here is your checklist for sheds and garages:

  • Wash the roof and sides of the building
  • Paint garage doors, or
  • Replace your garage doors
  • Paint the shed
  • Organize your garage

Home Interior

On the inside of the home it is advantageous to remove all the personal items from the home. When people are looking at homes they are trying to picture what it would look like if it was theirs. This is difficult if it has someone else’s belongings around. In addition the home will look bigger if the personal items have been removed. An empty closet will look larger than a closet with clothing hanging in it.

If there is furniture, try and move it around, keep it off of the walls and try to make it look like it is a comfortable place where people can sit and talk without having to be loud to be heard. Do not set the furniture in the way of the foot traffic; just give the room a nice friendly flow. In addition having the furniture away from the walls will help the room to look bigger as well.

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Making sure that there is enough lighting inside and outside the home is another important feature. Proper lighting will make the home look inviting and friendly. In addition to having the overhead lights it is also important to have lights under the hanging cabinets and task lights. Proper lighting is a must when staging a home.

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Staging a home has turned into a real art. Staging is not something that can be done overnight, but the work that is required should be worth it in the end.

Please share your own ideas and experience with home staging! We’d like to hear from you.

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