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garage doors Atlanta GAWinter can be a brutal season with blowing and drifting snow. While Atlanta, GA doesn’t get a great deal of snow and ice accumulation, the extreme temperatures can be enough to wreak havoc on the home and everyone in it. The cold temperatures bring ice and all of its problems. All of us here in Metro Atlanta have been experiencing the unusually cold weather this winter. I’m sure many of you found their garage doors Atlanta GA frozen in the morning. To combat the fierce winter months, it is best to get the home ready. There are many things that can be done around the home to ensure that the house is in top shape for the harsh seasonal temperatures and that you and your family stay cozy and warm.

HVAC System

The HVAC system ensures there is comfortable temperatures year round. However, many people forget that this system is like a car, it needs a tune up. Can you imagine driving your car without ever changing the oil? Changing the filters, belts and lubricating certain parts make the unit more efficient. It is often called preventative maintenance because it prevents a maintenance issue down the road. Plus, a technician can clearly identify things that are going to be an issue in the near future. If you have a belt that is worn down, he can replace it. If that belt would break during a cold night, your family could be without heat.


The plumbing system is another vital part of the homes livability. If there are pipes that are exposed, it is important to make sure they are sealed and have a system to keep the water flowing. A busted pipe can be an expensive issue and prevention is the key here, as well. Heat tape is a good product that allows the water pipes to have heat put to them when the temperatures reach below a certain point. This prevents water line freeze up and also the chance of a broken pipe.

Seal Off Any Leaks

winterize your home | garage doors Atlanta GAOne of the biggest problems during the winter months is leaky windows and doors. This counts for your garage doors Atlanta GA as well. If you want to keep a comfortable temperature inside the garage, make sure they are insulated. After all, you use your garage door to enter the house more often than the front door and all the cold air gets inside your house. Customers call all the time wanting help replacing old leaking doors. Since you are paying a fortune to heat the home, you want to keep all the energy inside that you can. Older windows should have plastic put around them. Any holes around windows and doors should be filled in or caulked to preventing air from leaking. If you have an old door that has a gap at the bottom, you may want to put some sort of door stop to avoid a massive air leakage. Some doors can be perfectly good; they just have a large space that needs to be sealed off.

Replace Garage Doors

Most people don’t think of their garage doors when they are doing winterization. However, a garage door that has needed replaced for a while should be changed out before winter sets in. These doors can allow a massive amount of energy to escape, especially ones that are ill-fitting or damaged. If your garage is heated, a damaged door could raise your utility bill significantly. All 4 Seasons Garage Doors knows the importance of maintaining your garage doors Atlanta GA and helps their customers find affordable solutions.

While you may want to try to hang onto your garage doors Atlanta GA another year, the extreme temperature variations can cause the doors to malfunction, and you may not even be able to use them properly. The cold temperatures cause great problems and taking care of the problem when the sun is shining is always advisable. Has your garage doors seen better days? There is help available. 24/7. Regardless of what the budget, there is a way to stop those air leaks, and make sure your home is ready for old man winter.

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