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A good residential garage serves an important function. It protects your car from adverse weather conditions, such as the damaging sun, heavy rain, frost or snow- all of which decrease the lifespan of your vehicle. Moreover, your garage door keeps your garage interior safe from intruders or children who might bring unwanted attention to your cars or belongings.

A well maintained and functional garage has as its primary feature an entry door through which your car enters and exits the garage. A good garage door not only keeps your vehicle safe but is also easy to operate. Most garage doors don’t live forever, though, Defective or worn door parts can drastically reduce your garage door functionality.
Looking for a suitable garage door sales and service company for your garage? Search no more. All Four Seasons Garage Doors is in Belle Meade, TN to offer our customers all types of garage doors and expert installation services at competitive prices. For more than two decades, we have been serving customers in Tennessee; our A+ rating from Better Business Bureau proves our commitment to serious customer service.

The Value of a Quality Garage Door

Besides enhancing the safety of your car while in the garage, a good garage door has other benefits like;
Increasing the value of your home
When selling your home, a nice looking garage will help to raise the value of your home. A modern door gives the buyer an impression of reduced maintenance cost, more security, and energy efficiency while closing and opening the door.

Improved aesthetic value of your home

An old garage door can give an unsightly appearance to your home. Fitting your garage with a modern door will improve the overall appeal of your home.

Saves on energy bills

You are likely to spend higher bills on heating and cooling your home since traditional doors are not insulated. Modern garage doors are insulated to prevent your home from heating and cooling issues that originate in your garage.


Safety is the most important function of your garage door. Modern doors are designed to give your car and garage contents maximum protection from vandalism and theft since they are difficult to break.

Eliminates door maintenance costs

Old doors need regular maintenance since the old parts break more easily. The routine maintenance costs may be higher compared to the cost of changing your worn-out door with a durable modern design.

Reduces noise hazard

A new door will eliminate the noise associated with old doors. Modern doors are constructed with parts that are quiet while closing and opening. Likewise, the door opens easily saving you the energy used in opening and closing a defective door.

Decreased risk of injury

A worn-out door will increase your risk of harm while operating it. If the tension springs of an old door break while you are trying to fix the garage door, injury risk is high.
Modern garage doors don’t present the problems associated with worn-out doors. If your door is hard to close or open and makes a lot of noise while closing, it’s time to consider replacing it with a modern door.
After replacing the old door, remember to take good care of your new door. Here are a few maintenance tips to increase the durability of your new door.

  • Check your door while using it. If it produces scraping noise, check to see if the springs and cables are intact.
  • Replace worn out rollers.
  • Lubricate all moving parts.
  • Clean the door and repair worn-out parts.

A non-functional garage opener is a major inconvenience in a garage. If your door has such a problem, call an experienced expert to help you fix the problem.
While replacing your door, our Belle Meade TN experts will also provide you with maintenance tips. In case you feel that your garage door is not functioning properly, our technicians are always ready to come over and inspect it. Each of our team members is committed to keeping true to our company slogan; “Big enough to serve, small enough to care.”


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