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Garage Door Repair Powder Springs GAGarage doors are like anything else in your home that is mechanized. They are going to need regular maintenance, and they will need to be repaired from time to time. There are a number of things that can go wrong with a garage door, and garage door repair in Powder Springs GA. know what they are. They have nearly 100 years of combined experience in this field, and this will be evident when they come to give you a free estimate or to do work on your garage door.

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Everyone did a great job from the framer to the installer. We are very pleased with attention to detail and the professionalism. They were on time and completed the project as promised. i would use them again and recommend them to everyone I know.

Tammy E. July 25, 2016

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No nonsense company who does what they will say they will do. Showed up promptly and on time. No bogus charges. Upfront and straight forward pricing (assuming you know what the problem is - I had a broken spring). Would gladly go with them again!

Berty A. July 25, 2016

DIY vs. Calling a Professional for Garage Door Repair Powder Springs GA

The main reason why calling this company to fix your garage door is the prudent thing to do, is because it takes a certain skill level to do this work. The average homeowner doesn’t have these skills and, when they try to do repairs themselves, accidents happen, and people get hurt. Taking off and replacing broken springs is a perfect case in point. There is a lot tension involved with these springs that, if not handled properly, could potentially cause serious injury to an untrained homeowner who tries to take on this job.

Broken cables are another example of the parts of a garage door that need periodic maintaining and fixing. This is part of the garage door that is possibly the most important. They have to work in tandem with the rollers which are dependent on smooth tracks in order to work efficiently. The staff here at All Four Seasons Garage Door Repair in Powder Springs GA know all of these intricacies and have the experience to fix them right the first time. You won’t have to worry about calling back in order to re-fix something that wasn’t done right the first time.

If you have an active family with children, then you know how things can get broken or bent because of accidents. With the driveway being a popular place to play for children, garage door panels can get caught in the crossfire of whatever children are doing. This is certainly something that the average homeowner is not prepared to fix or replace. We know of all the different types, sizes, colors and dimensions of garage door panels and have replacements in stock at all times.

The inconvenience of not having a workable garage door will be evident as soon as it stops working. If it becomes inoperable while the door is down, you’re not going to be able to get a vehicle in or out of the garage. If the door up and doesn’t want to come down, that creates an obvious security issue. An open garage is an open invitation for someone to come in and take whatever they want. It also gives thieves easier access to the rest of your home and a semi-enclosed space in which to try and gain access into your home.

Not only are we aware of the serious problems that exist with an inoperable garage door, we also know the inconveniences involved with a garage door that doesn’t work properly. Tracks that aren’t maintained, for example, can cause the rollers to stick or jerk while going through their motions. It can also cause more noise than necessary. Most garages are attached to a house, so you want the operation of the door to be as quiet as possible. Someone coming home at 2 in the morning shouldn’t be waking people up because of the noise of the garage door.

The Most Affordable Service Calls in Town

We also understand that people are on a budget these days. Our prices reflect the current economic times as we strive to make our services affordable. We also strive for customer satisfaction by making our services dependable. Call All Four Seasons Garage Door Repair in Powder Springs GA today and schedule a service call. For only $20, we’ll come to your house, inspect the doors, give you a diagnose and leave without trying to sell you things you don’t need. We’re not salespeople! Should you decide to hire us for repair, those $20 will be counted towards the total bill.

Garage Door Repair Powder Springs GA

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