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Garage Doors Alpharetta GAMost people pay the least attention to the most prominent feature of their house – the garage door. You want the most prominent feature of your home to be just right for maximum curb appeal. This is even more true for those houses where the garage is in the front or at the center of the house.

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Though I typically don't write Reviews, I must express my total satisfaction with All Four Seasons Door and particular appreciation for their technician Dean Wilkenson.  I originally met Dean about 6-months earlier when he replaced a competitor's broken spring. He was extremely knowledgeable and made several helpful suggestions before performing the work.  Recently my Door

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Many times I will tend to favor placing my business with a family-owned company as opposed to one the big name companies, and rarely do I regret it. It is certainly true in this case! They were great!! I ignored all the "special price" coupons that come in the mail and called All Four Seasons

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Costs of Garage Doors

A new garage door shouldn’t cost you less than what you spend on the interior decoration of your house. Of course the interior is important too, but the exterior of the house makes the first impact. You can get a single door, a double door or an aluminum door. Or, better still get the garage door customized to suit the look of your house. The cost will depend on the size, style and the material used but the return on investment is always there.

Types of Garage Doors

Carriage Doors – Carriage doors have a very interesting history. These traditional doors were manually opened so that the horse carriages could enter and exit. They were used for garages, stables, barns and others. Rebuilt carriage doors are very similar to the traditional ones, with a minor change. Earlier, these doors were made of wood and now, they are made of many other materials.

Sectional Doors – These doors can have about 8 panels and can slide up. The biggest advantage of sectional garage doors is that they do not require external space, when the door is opened. Each panel of this garage door is connected individually to the door’s track, thereby increasing its sturdiness and reliability.

Contemporary Doors – Contemporary garage doors have panels, allowing lifting up of the door, without changing the original carriage look of the garage door.

The first overhead garage door was constructed in 1936, making the opening and closing of the door easier.

If you are planning to buy and install any of the above-mentioned types of garage doors, call one of our professionals in Alpharetta GA. Garage door experts take precise measurements between the opening at the top of the door and overhead framing. They will then get the door and install it.

Right Style of Garage Doors

The style of your house will determine the style of the garage door. If you have any doubts about the style, consult an expert from 4 Seasons Garage Doors Alpharetta GA, who has years of experience in such matters. If you live in a traditional bungalow, you may want to consider a swing out type of wooden garage door that will enhance the traditional look of the house or a modern roll up door, if your house is contemporary style. Whether the style is contemporary or traditional, it will have trim, feature panels and other details. A garage door constructed with frame and panels will be sturdier than a garage door with decorative detailing. Some styles of garage doors Alpharetta GA have glass paneling at the topmost panel. This makes them look attractive when you view them from the street. The glass at the top will also bring in enough light.

Many roll up doors, with frosted plastic panels or shatterproof glass panels, look modern. They are suitable for the contemporary home. You can consult a professional from All Four Seasons about your garage doors Alpharetta GA to custom build the door that will not only suit the style of your house but also your budget.

Garage Door Materials

Some of the common materials used for construction of garage doors are given below:

  1. Aluminum – This is an inexpensive option but has been largely replaced with sturdy doors and heavy duty and dent resistant panels. Some low budget aluminum doors are constructed using aluminum frames, with panels made of high-density polyethylene. They are still a popular choice, not only because of their cost but also because they are lightweight.
  2. Steel – This is a low maintenance option and is the most popular choice for garage doors. It is sturdy, tough and inexpensive. However, the disadvantage with bare steel is that it rusts and dents. Therefore, it requires periodic touch ups. To minimize the maintenance, you can choose steel doors with 24 gauge panels or have a fiberglass overlay. These will be dent and rust resistant.
  3. Wood – The more traditional houses require wooden garage doors. They are expensive but are more charming and authentic than any other material. They will, however, need frequent refinishing and repainting. The biggest disadvantage of wooden garage doors is that they have a very short warranty of only one year.

Our company offers a vast selection of Garage Doors Alpharetta GA and will come out to your house, so that you can view the door selection and choose the one that is right for your house. The best part is that we provide this service free of cost and offer you the best warranty/guarantee in the market.


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